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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slots for Free - Slots Plus Casino Free Slots Game Experience

Playing slots for free has some great advantages. One of the best advantages is being able to find games that have great payoffs.There are lots of types of slots machines out there some have bonus feature guarantees for example others have wheel of fortune type features. They're all out there to make money and have players win money but which slots machines work for you. Playing free slots games allow you the opportunity to find games you like or tend to win at. I found a game that really works for me . I went through dozens of games but found a few where I tend to make or win a lot of money. In a way, valuing time, finding the game is really work so I could say make money.

This is the bonus of free slots games using the experience you gain for real money slots games at Slots Plus. They do have daily slots tournaments but you have to register and deposit money for this. If you check out those games, you might find one of those games your lucky game too. So it's worth a peek. The winner gets the pot based on all players who've entered. Also , Slots Plus Casino has a flash , no download casino or you can download the software to your computer and play this way as well. If you're low on harddrive space, the flash , no download casino will be a better bet. I will always keep the games that work for me a secret. I went to a forum and found slots game I lose at are other people's winners. So the conclusion is you have to find your own way for games that work for you. Once you do this , you're off and winning!!! Play Slots for Free at Slots Plus Casino

Slots for Free - Freeslot Slots Experience Play Slots For Free Win $50

If you like to save money freeslot is the place for you. Not only do you get to play slots for free but also get a chance to win $50, $25 or $10. There really is no better deal in town than freeslots. They have a great selection of games , about a dozen. There games play using flash so you need to make sure you have the latest adobe flash player on your computer.Everyday they select a different daily tournament slots game.

Registering is easy , you'll need this to chart your hopefully high score. You get credits so you have to play carefully to keep credit while you climb to that high score. But you can't ask for more than that. Play slots for free at freeslot and get a chance to win up to $50. In my playing, I've yet to get a high score but I keep trying.
Play Slots for Free and Get a Chance to Win $50

Slots for Free - Win A Fortune is the Slots Machine Game for 7/18 to Win $50

The daily free slots game to win $50 for July 18th is Win a Fortune.This free slots game features a standard five reel 25 payline with many chances of winning and you get the Wheel of Fortune bonus. Get the Double Double bonus symbol and trigger the mighty wheel where you get more chances of more money or in this case points.
Win a Fortune Paytable
The daily tournament is structured to get points and the highest three scores will win $50, $25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky winners and it's free. All you need to do is register. Afterall if you win who will they contact? Everyday freeslot has a new slots game to play for free. Play Free Slots and Get a Chance to Win $50

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slots for Free - 7/10/13 Fruitful 7s Free Slots Game Where You Can Win $50 at Freeslot

Fruitful 7s is daily slots for free tournament game where you can win $50 at Everyday a slots game is featured where the top three scores with $50, $25 or $10. This is free and all you need to do is sign up.
slots for free fruitful 7

About Fruitful 7s Slots Game

slots for free fruitful 7
Fruitful 7s is a 5-reel slot game, with 21 paylines. The game has 2 special and 9 regular symbols including fruits like cherries, grapes, blueberries and watermelons. The "star"symbol is wild in this game and can be used to replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. 7 is the highest paying symbol and if you get five of them, you get paid 500 times your bet to make your day "fruitful".
Play Fruitful 7s at Freeslot

Monday, July 8, 2013

Slots For Free , Birthday Bash Slots Machine at Freeslot Play for Free and Win $50

Birthday Bash slots is the free slots game that is today's slots game for free where you can win $50.It's one of the newer slots games at freeslot It's simple and easy just sign up and play.The three top scores get $50 ,$25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky players. And there are other slots games to play as well. No download needed to play these games just java flash which your computer should have.Birthday Bash is about a birthday celebration. Symbols include a Birthday Cake and Party Favors among other symbols.One cool feature is the ability to hold a reel while others spin. Birthday Bash slots machine

Birthday Bash Paytable

Birthday Bash slots machine
Play Birthday Bash at Freeslot

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slots For Free - Enchanted Gems at Freeslot - Play Enchanted Gems Slots Play for Free and Win $50

Enchanted Gems slots is the free slots game that is today's slots tournament where you can win $50. It's simple and easy just sign up and play.The three top scores get $50 ,$25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky players. And there are other slots games to play as well.
No download needed to play these games just java flash which your computer should have. Enchanted Gems is about magical stones. There's a fairy on the screen and some spins will add a gem to your bank . When you get three , you start the bonus round and fairy will pick a symbol that will reveal a prize.
Play Enchanted Gems at Freeslot

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slots For Free - Reel De Luxe Play Reel De Luxe Slots For Free and Win $50 at Freeslot for July 6th 20013

Reel De Luxe slots is the slots game part of the daily slots tournament where you can win $50. It's simple and easy just sign up and play.The three top scores get $50 ,$25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky players. And there are other slots games to play as well. No download needed to play these games just java flash which your computer should have.Reel De Luxe is about shopping with bags, purses and such as symbols.
Reel De Luxe Slots

Reel De Luxe Slots Paytable

Reel De Luxe Slots

Play Reel De Luxe at Freeslot

Friday, July 5, 2013

Slots for Free - Win A Fortune is the July 5th Free Slots Game to Win $50 at Free slot

Win A Fortune Slots is the game to play to win up to $50 at today. It's a slots game that you play for free and simply have to register for in order to win.Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky winners. There are three winners $50, $25 and $10 all for the highest scores. Win A Fortune Slots is themed around jewels and includes a bonus round with a Wheel of Fortune spin. It's easy to get and you can see it in the video below.
Play Slots for Free and Win Up To $50 at Freeslot

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Slots for Free - Vegas Mania is July 4th Free Slots Game at Freeslot

Slots for Free - Vegas Mania is the slots game for free where you can win $50 at for July 4th. It's standard slots themed game with fruit ,horshoes and cash among other symbols and it the slots game for free where you can win up to $50. Just sign up and start clicking!!!


Vegas Mania paytable

You can find the paytable here. The video of the game is below.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slots for Free at featuring Leprechaun Luck Slots Machine Game

Leprechaun Luck is a slots game at that is one of the slots games for free at and as bonus players can win up to $50 everyday. Win up to $50 by getting the highest score.Leprechaun Luck is an Irish Fairy Tale themed slots game with Four Leaf Clovers, Rainbows, Horseshoes and more.And every day three winners win $50, $25 or $10 by getting the highest scores in the daily slots tournaments. Joining the daily slots tournaments is easy, create an account with username and password and you're all set. has given away over $200,000 to lucky players.More on Leprechaun Luck below.
slots for free leprechaun luck

Wild Symbols in Leprechaun Luck

The coin with Wild stamped on it is the Wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols. The Double Wild coin is another wild symbol and doubles your win on that payline.
slots for free leprechaun luck

Paytable of Symbols in Leprechaun Luck

The paytable reads as follows. Get 3 Mushrooms and get your original bet, get 4 and get 5 times the original bet , get 5 and get 10 times the original bet and so on with various symbols. Mushrooms
3 =1
4 = 5
5 = 10
3 = 5
4 = 10
5 = 50
Harp 3 = 10
4 = 50
5 = 200
3 = 1
4 = 5
5 = 20
Four Leaf Clovers
3 = 5
4 = 10
5 = 100
3 = 50
4 = 200
5 = 500
3 = 100
4 = 500
5 = 2000

Cauldrons in Leprechaun Luck

Get 3 Cauldrons and any spin and get a bonus. Pick a Cauldron and it will reveal a prize.

Special Bonus Round in Leprechaun Luck

Get Horseshoe with Dice, Harp with Dice, a Hat with Dice and Shoes with Dice and get a special bonus round. A new game will take over the screen similar to Snakes and Ladders.Click the Dice and the Leprechaun will move over a grid of Shamrocks. If the Leprechaun steps on a Shamrock, you win and the bet is multiple of the original bet from 1 and up to 500X. If the Leprechaun steps on Blue Shamrock, he moves up and if the Leprechaun steps on a Red Shamrock, the bonus game stops.
slots for free leprechaun luck

This is a free slots game from . To win all you need to do is register.

Play Slots for Free at here

Monday, August 13, 2012

Win a Fortune Slots Game - Free Slots Tournament Game

Win a fortune slots game is a standard looking slots machine game.The jackpot is constantly displayed though playing free you are playing for credits.The reel icons offer a mixture of Q, K, A, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. You’ll also find treasure chest, double double and Win a Fortune symbols from time to time.

The Treasure chest wild symbol appears on every reel, it opens to reveal either an emerald, sapphire, ruby or diamond. If one of these is needed to complete a winning combination you’ll win a prize.

The two main features involves the outer wheel and inner wheel icons. Whenever an outer wheel icon appears the lights rotate to choose a new gem to be the next wild symbol. This is the diamond symbol by default but changes as the outer wheel dictates, it’s an interesting concept which keeps things interesting although doesn’t make a great matter of difference to the number of wins triggered by the wild.

The inner wheel symbol triggers when combined with a line win. The lights rotate to display a multiplier which ranges from a simple collect to a 5x win multiplier.

Win a Fortune is one of the slots games that is part of the daily slots tournament machines. Each day a new machine is designated the daily slots tournament game where the winner wins $50.

Play Win a Fortune Now click here

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Progressive Jackpot Slots Machine Games

Everyone who plays slots dreams of the round when the machine will buzz with progressive jackpot win. Jackpots can be huge .The largest progressive jackpot won online was nearly $14,000,000 . Yes .$14,000,000 , fourteen million dollars which was won at Bettson Mega wheel slots game. Most online casinos have jackpots. Partycasino has a progressive jackpot that is over $6,000,000 , six million dollars and the slots game is Loot'EnKhamun slots. The win is based on pure luck but you have to be on the right machine. Not all slots machines are linked to the same progressive jackpot. So you have to do some work in figuring out if the machine is linked to the progressive.A progressive jackpot machine is a jackpot that gets larger till someone wins it and then it will reset and start over again.

Slotland Casino Progressive Jackpot

At Slotland casino, all the slots are linked to a single progressive jackpot. The jackpot is often won around $150,000. Slotland is a great place to play and they have some penny slots machines where you are still linked to win the jackpot even if playing for so little. All slots machines at Slotland are no download so you don't have to worry about installing software on your casino.

Various types of progressive slot machines

Single Progressive Slots machines

Some slots machines are not linked to larger jackpots but you can win alot of money nonetheless.. Every coin the player bets is added into the jackpot, which grows larger and larger. The payout is calculated from a percentage of all bets made to the online slot machine. These slot machines have meters in front of them so that players know the current jackpot value at all times. The payout is lower as compared to linked slot machines but the jackpot amount is a huge one nevertheless.

In-house Progressive Slot Machines

Many video slots games machines are linked together and operated by a single online casino. In some cases, these online slot machines may be linked but housed in separate casinos. This normally happens when one gaming company owns more than one casino. Although the jackpot amount is bigger than in single progressive slot machines, the odds of hitting the jackpot is slimmer than in single progressive slot machines. Partycasino has an example of a wide area progressive slots machine with Loot'EnKhamun with a jackpot that stands at over $6,000,000 , six million dollars.At Party Casino Americans aren't allowed to play but players from outside of Ameica are fine.

Wide Range Progressive Slot Machines

Slots machines with progressive jackpots that are linked together but by more than one gaming company are wide range progressive slots machines.These are the largest jackpots like the $13 million dollar slots mentioned above.The progressive jackpot is so large it's a life changing event. At the same time, the odds of winning such jackpots are very small, as comparable to winning a lottery ticket. .Americans who want to play a wide range progressive slots machines should look at Slots Plus. The slots machine game Aztec Millions is an example of a wide range progressive slots machine with jackpots routinely over a million dollars.Of course you can always play slots for free. Playing slots with large progressive depends on your bankroll. Remember the chances of winning are slim but not impossible.Winning is totally based on luck but you might be lucky.Always check the slots machine you are playing and see the type of progressive jackpot it is linked to. The million dollar jackpots are usually wide range progressive slots machines , the 50-150,000 range jackpots are usually in-house progressive slots machines and the 2-10,000 range jackpots are usually single progressive slots machines.Know the one you are playing so if you're the lucky one you'll know what you will win.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wheeler Dealer Free Slots Game - Free Slots Games from Freeslots

Wheeler Dealers Slots is three reel , eight payline slots machine.You can play free with from 25 cents to $4 in free credits.The symbols are classic slots with gold bars , coins , the number seven , safe , a bag of dough , the $$$ symbol , diamonds and cash. Three Cash symbols will win you the jackpot or 1000X your bet.

Playing slots games for free is the perfect way to create strategy that will tide you over to future games whether online or land casinos.

Play Wheeler Dealer Slots for Free

Vegas Mania Free Slots Game - Play Free Slots Machines

Vegas Mania is a Las Vegas themed slots machine.The symbols include fruit like cherries and watermelons , stars , the number seven, a wad of cash and a horseshoe.The payoffs are as follows.You are playing for free so instead of cash you get credits.
Vegas Mania Screenshot

For three to five symbols: Cherries 1X to 15X
Casino Chips 2X to 30X
The number seven 4X to 60X
Watermelon 8X to 120X
Stars 5X to 240X
Wad of Cash 10X to 480X
The Horseshoe 32X to the Jackpot.
And there are free spin symbols that grant between 1 to 15 free spins when reached.In addition , Vegas Mania Slots has a Wild and Double Wild symbol that substitute for all symbols.

Play Vegas Mania Slots for Free

Tropical Treat Free Slots Game - Free Slots Tournament Game

Tropical Treat is a 5 real 50 payline slots machine. You are playing this slots game free so instead of money , you get credits and play for free.This is a flash casino and the symbols pictures. An embracing couple or fish yields 25X your bet if you get five of them and 2X for three .The surfer and man with a drink will yield from 5X to 50X .The couple with child yields 10X to 100X if you get three to five and Hula dancers from 25X to 250X. The airplane symbol will get you from 50X to 500X for the three to five on a payline and the compass will get you 100X to 1000X your bet. In addition the there is a wild symbol and double wild symbols that substitute for other symbols.

Tropical Treat is the Free Slots Tournament Game

Tropical Treat Slots is the game played for the daily free slots tournament with the winner getting $50. To enter all you have to do is register , play a free slots tournament game and register your score. There are three slots tournaments or so a day and the winner gets $50.

Play Tropical Treat Slots for Free and win $50 in the daily slots tournament

Slots for Free - Lucky Go Round Slots Machine Game

Lucky Go Round Slots Machine is a free three reel , single line slots game that is themed around a circus.It's a free slots game and you receive free credits , no registering necessary.To play select the amount of credits to play , from .50 to $5.00 and click the lollipop.

The symbols include horses , roses , candy and alloons.And a strong man is in the lower left corner of the screen when you win!!

The symbols include horses , bears , roses , candy 1 and 3 balloons. Simply put get three on the same line and you win.A strong man is in the lower left corner when you win.The power up symbol is Lucky Go Round Slots wild symbol and substitutes for all symbols.

Play Free Lucky Go Round Slots

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Heavenly Reels Free Slots Game from Freeslots

Heavenly Reels Slots is a new game from with great graphics giving an almost 3d feel. Of course you would need three d glasses for that. But it has four paylines and you can bet from 25 cents to $1 per line.The Wings are the bonus symbols and the come in single , double and triple sets. Get three triple Wings and the payoff is 7X. If any single wing is in you get 2X your bet.

Numbers of the same color payoff 10X , three number ones 15X and three sevens 25X.

The tree shield payoff 50X and three symbols of the same colore 150X and the whopper payoff is three sevens of the same color and you get 250X and three wild symbols and they appear to be pigs or hippos with wings will yield 1000X your bet.

Heavenly Slots is a free slots game but you get credits to put in the machine much like a regular slots machine.Playing free slots at you could find yourself winning money anyways . They have a couple of free slots tournaments every day with the winner getting $50.The winning is based on points.

Play free slots at and still be in the daily tournament to win $50 free

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Most Popular Slots Games

Most popular of slots games aside from the heavily promoted are the ancient themed Cleopatra and Aztec slots. The Aztec millions slots game has a jackpot of over $1,000,000 and that could be the kicker.But it seems the graphics for these two games are superb and it draws slots players to these games more than others.

Cleopatra was one of the most powerful, wise and beautiful women in history. And as the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, her wealth was beyond reckoning. And now you have a chance to travel to the desert in search of Cleopatra’s Gold with this amazing online slot by Real Time Gaming , RTG. Cleopatra's Gold Slots has 20 lines of action, and bets from 5 cents to $50 per line and a bonus round that is unlocked by discovering the lost pyramids

In Aztec millions the Aztec millions is the wild symbol and substitutes for most symbols.For Aztec millions, the betting starts at 20 cents per payline and there are 20 paylines.

You can always play free slots games and not spend any money and see what makes these games so thrilling and most popular.among players.

Slots Plus Casino is the hot spot for slots with bonuses up to $7000.Download or play instantly in the no download online flash casino.