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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Sun Palace Casino Bonus Codes

Sun Palace Casino Bonus Codes: Sun Palace Casino Bonus Codes - Slots for Free 4u's Slots and Casino Blog. Slots are one of the most popular of all casino games. Whenever you enter a casino you hear the sounds of a lucky winner. This slots blog has links for online casinos with great sound effects, great bonuses and a chance to give you a great time all online playing slots games either for free or real money.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Slot Machine Addiction

By Andrew M Gardener

With modern slot machines there's a greatest potential for a dangerous side effect; gambling addiction as more people are addicted to slots than any other form of gambling. The modern slots are like hightech video games that play music and scenes from TV shows. You can play hundreds of lines at once and instead of pulling a handle you bet by pushing buttons which means each bet can be completed in as little as 3.5 seconds.

It looks like great fun but it can be dangerously addictive. Whether or not it's their intention the gambling industry is designing machines that can addict people.

One MIT Anthropology Professor had studied gambling addiction for over 15 years. She's interviewed gamblers, casino owners and slot machine designers.

One question we put to her was - Do you think that most people would even think that a machine could addict you, that a machine can do the same thing that a drug could?

Answer: What addiction really has to do is with the speed of the rewards and these machines they're packing 1200 hands per hour into play. You're being exposed as you can see that being exposed to a higher dose because all that speed means more bets and that means more excitement.

Another core aspect of their addictiveness is their continuous nature. You're not interrupted by anything. You're not waiting for the horses to run. You're not waiting for the guy next to you to choose his card to put down. There's no one in that wheel spinning it's just you and the machine. It's a continuous flow without interruption.

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada measured how players respond physiologically while they gamble and show that the new machines can make them think they're winning even when they're not. The gamblers almost always get some many back. If he puts in a dollar he might get back 50 cents but the sounds and flickering lights trick his brain into thinking he came out ahead. "The constant feeling of winning creates so much pleasure". The regular players can slip in a trance like state, a place she calls the zone.

So if you want to play the slots or the electronic roulette machines please take precautions by limiting the amount of time spent playing also the amount of money you risk. Play moderately for enjoyment rather that the financial gain.

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Top Casino Slot Machine Tips

By Rosn Dhakal

If you're into casinos to enjoy successful casino slots, it'd be better for you to know some effective casino slot machine tips that would help you increase your odds of winning in slot games. There are 2 basic approaches of enjoying slot games making it profitable on the other side. You can hit your nearest casino or may even choose to play online when it comes to enjoying slot games. No matter what alternative you choose to stick with, you can surely increase your winning odds if you follow these tips on slot machine.

First and foremost, set a staking limit before you choose to play slot games. In fact, it is the most important thing to be considered because if you ever cross your limit and end up losing more than affordability, you'll never forgive yourself for what you've done. If you have lost really a huge amount of money, then the odds are that you may even turn out to become bankrupt. So, know your limit and learn to leave the game when you reach that limit. Additionally, if you have won a lot than expected or good enough, it'd be wiser decision for you to quit playing the casino slot game immediately. This is because most of the players normally win for the first couple of hands only but once they start losing they keep on losing continuously until they have nothing to lose again.

Next, you should be able to locate out the best yet winning slot machines to play with. For your kind of information, best casino slots are normally installed alongside the crowded places. By crowded places, I mean coffee shops, claim booths, snacks bars, and such often populated areas. So, you better choose to stick with such machines and give your luck on try on such casino slot machines as much as possible.

If you keep these tips in your mind, you can ensure that you'll rarely lose your hardly earned bucks while playing slot games. Additionally, the odds of winning seems to be quite higher with Texas Holdem Poker so you can try this one too if you want to earn some huge money besides getting thrilled and entertained. Best of luck!

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Tips For Winning at Slot Machines

By Mark Etinger

Everybody loves a good slot machine. You grab two or three rolls of coins, find the machine that "speaks to you" and then sit down for a couple of hours at the old one armed bandit. But is there really a strategy for playing the slots? You bet there is!

The following tips come to you directly from the experts who have won millions over the years by understanding what it takes to be a winning slot machine player:

Tips for Winning at Slot Machines

Always play the maximum number of coins. If your bankroll allows for it, you should always play the maximum number of coins per spin that the machine will allow. The payouts for maximum coin input are always significantly higher - especially when you hit the big combinations on the wheels.

Stay away from linked "progressive" machines. Progressive slot machines are often linked with other machines on the casino floor - creating a big jackpot for a single lucky winner. It looks enticing, however the odds of you winning that jackpot are as a small as anything you will find in the casino. Stick to the stand alone units with the best odds and payouts.

Walk the floor and watch the machines. It's hard not to jump right in and start playing slots when you arrive at the casino, but a little time spent studying the machines can pay big dividends. Watch for machines that seem to paying out with regularity, and jump on as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Only play at the highest pay-out slot machines. They are as rare as a Faberge egg, but those machines that pay out 96% - 99% are the place to be. When you find one, get in there and play wisely!

Ask about hot machines. Casino floor employees can be an excellent source for information about the hot machines. While they cannot tell you the specifics regarding how a machine has been programmed, they can tell you what they've seen with their own eyes. Tips these folks well and they will steer you in the right direction.

Stay in your financial comfort zone. If you feel more comfortable playing with quarters, then don't sit down at a $1 machine. The resulting nervousness about the higher stakes will keep you from playing smart and you will be that much more likely to make mistake and quickly lose your bankroll.

Don't follow up good losses with bad ones. One of the biggest mistakes poor gamblers make is getting down early, then betting in higher denominations in attempt to get it back quickly. This almost always results in heavy losses. If you are down at a $1 slot machine, don't move over to the $5 machines in a "quickie" attempt to recoup your losses.

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How to Win in Slot Machines - Improve Slot Machine Odds

By Scotty Sun

If you want to learn how to win in slot machines, then read this. You will improve slot machine odds.

First, do not play all by your self. It is better to play with friends. Who would want to play all alone? That would be too boring, right? If you are with the friends, you have someone to share the jackpot with. And, two heads are better than one. So, you have bigger chances of winning if you play with friends.

Do not think solely about winning. Think of enjoying the game. Slots are made for entertainment, not for trouble. With this, you are winning satisfaction. Your positive attitude attracts positive energy which may even draw chances of winning. For more fun, play slots for fun or online slots for free. With this, your bankroll is not at risk. You are even getting techniques from this 'practice play.'

Understanding how slot machines operate also is a good tactic on how to win slot. Are you aware that slots are controlled by electronic RNG which means random number generator? This RNG is the one that modifies the result of game a thousand times every second. With this, a list of probable combinations together with points or coins each should pay will appear on the table. Thus, as a witty player, you need to have a complete understanding on how many coins will be played to be able to hit the jackpot. In short, you will win nothing if you only have a few coins to play.

Another strategy on how to win slot machines is to choose the one that provides the best payout. And even if a certain machine gives you good pay outs, know how to quit. If your roll bank is emptied or you won on that machine, leave it. Do not think that machine is lucky for you and play again. You will surely lose the next times around because the RNG will make sure you will not win again. Try other slots. Look for slots that offer big jackpot bonuses. In playing with slots, allot a certain amount for your play. If you reached your limit, stop. Do not put yourself to bankruptcy. Playing slots is just a GAME, do not GAMBLE too much. You may also set a time deadline. So, once your time is up, stop and go home. Do not be too addicted with the game. If you are not winning on a certain machine, stop and look for other machines.

There are types of slot machines. Be sure to know how to deal with the machine in front of you. There are those that have levers to be pulled while others have various buttons. You may ask the casino's support staff if you are not sure with the machine you are about to play with. Surely, they will be willing to help you.

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The Evolution of Slot Machines

By Conor O'Brien

Throughout the years, slot machines have become increasingly popular, allowing players to enjoy hours of fun whilst having the chance to win cash prizes at the same time. From the historical 'One-Armed Bandit' to the video slots that occupy a large section of many online casinos today, these games have witnessed a surge in popularity across the world.

This article will discuss the history of these machines and their progression from land-based games to internet gaming sensations.

When Was The Slot Machine Invented?

The first slot machine as we might know it today can be traced back to around 1891. Known as the 'One-Armed Bandit', this slot was invented in New York by Sittman and Pitt. With five drums acting as reels and a lever on the side to set them off, it had 50 card symbols to land. As is the case with modern fruit machine slots, they were commonly used in bars across the country.

The First Automatic Slot

Not long after the invention of the 'One-Armed Bandit', the first automatic slot was invented by a man called Charles Fey in California, in 1895. With just three reels, this slot was widely regarded as running on a much simpler mechanism and only had five reel symbols.

Named the Liberty Bell, this first automatic slot could be seen as an influencer for some modern video slots today that still use three reels and a minimal amount of symbols.

Reel Symbols

Fruit symbols have long been associated with slots and this perhaps stems from 1907 and the invention of Herbert Mills's slot machine. Called the Operator Bell, Herbert Mills created it to rival that of Charles Fey.

Despite the evolution of slot machines and reel symbols being comprised of just about anything, many video slots still choose to use classic fruit symbols. The likes of Double Bubble, one of the most popular video slots around, draws on classic features and symbols while still providing players with a modern spinning experience.

Slot Machines As We Know Them

In 1963, Bally Manufacturing managed to produce a slot without a side-mounted lever. As the first electromechanical slot machine, it could reward coins automatically without an attendant to help. Called Money Honey, this slot machine paved the way for electronic games of the future.

The Introduction Of Video Slots

Although Bally Manufacturing managed to bring electronic functionality to the slots scene around 13 years earlier, the first real video slots were invented in the mid-70s in California. Fortune Coin Co developed video slot technology in 1976, mounting a display on a slot machine cabinet and gaining approval from the Nevada State Gaming Commission.

Video Slots Today

The video slots we know today and their place in gaming can be traced back to the 1990s and the launch of the first online casinos. In 1994, the first online casino launched featuring a range of video slots to play.

There are currently hundreds of online casinos at which to play thousands of video slots. They're provided by a number of software suppliers and seem to span across all types of categories and genres.

The chances to win huge cash sums are ever-present, more so with the introduction of progressive slots. With these games, some are linked up to wider networks, allowing prize funds to grow at a rapid rate and regularly reaching the millions.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slots for Free - Slots Plus Casino Free Slots Game Experience

Playing slots for free has some great advantages. One of the best advantages is being able to find games that have great payoffs.There are lots of types of slots machines out there some have bonus feature guarantees for example others have wheel of fortune type features. They're all out there to make money and have players win money but which slots machines work for you. Playing free slots games allow you the opportunity to find games you like or tend to win at. I found a game that really works for me . I went through dozens of games but found a few where I tend to make or win a lot of money. In a way, valuing time, finding the game is really work so I could say make money.

This is the bonus of free slots games using the experience you gain for real money slots games at Slots Plus. They do have daily slots tournaments but you have to register and deposit money for this. If you check out those games, you might find one of those games your lucky game too. So it's worth a peek. The winner gets the pot based on all players who've entered. Also , Slots Plus Casino has a flash , no download casino or you can download the software to your computer and play this way as well. If you're low on harddrive space, the flash , no download casino will be a better bet. I will always keep the games that work for me a secret. I went to a forum and found slots game I lose at are other people's winners. So the conclusion is you have to find your own way for games that work for you. Once you do this , you're off and winning!!! Play Slots for Free at Slots Plus Casino

Slots for Free - Freeslot Slots Experience Play Slots For Free Win $50

If you like to save money freeslot is the place for you. Not only do you get to play slots for free but also get a chance to win $50, $25 or $10. There really is no better deal in town than freeslots. They have a great selection of games , about a dozen. There games play using flash so you need to make sure you have the latest adobe flash player on your computer.Everyday they select a different daily tournament slots game.

Registering is easy , you'll need this to chart your hopefully high score. You get credits so you have to play carefully to keep credit while you climb to that high score. But you can't ask for more than that. Play slots for free at freeslot and get a chance to win up to $50. In my playing, I've yet to get a high score but I keep trying.
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Slots for Free - Win A Fortune is the Slots Machine Game for 7/18 to Win $50

The daily free slots game to win $50 for July 18th is Win a Fortune.This free slots game features a standard five reel 25 payline with many chances of winning and you get the Wheel of Fortune bonus. Get the Double Double bonus symbol and trigger the mighty wheel where you get more chances of more money or in this case points.
Win a Fortune Paytable
The daily tournament is structured to get points and the highest three scores will win $50, $25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky winners and it's free. All you need to do is register. Afterall if you win who will they contact? Everyday freeslot has a new slots game to play for free. Play Free Slots and Get a Chance to Win $50

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slots for Free - 7/10/13 Fruitful 7s Free Slots Game Where You Can Win $50 at Freeslot

Fruitful 7s is daily slots for free tournament game where you can win $50 at Everyday a slots game is featured where the top three scores with $50, $25 or $10. This is free and all you need to do is sign up.
slots for free fruitful 7

About Fruitful 7s Slots Game

slots for free fruitful 7
Fruitful 7s is a 5-reel slot game, with 21 paylines. The game has 2 special and 9 regular symbols including fruits like cherries, grapes, blueberries and watermelons. The "star"symbol is wild in this game and can be used to replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. 7 is the highest paying symbol and if you get five of them, you get paid 500 times your bet to make your day "fruitful".
Play Fruitful 7s at Freeslot

Monday, July 8, 2013

Slots For Free , Birthday Bash Slots Machine at Freeslot Play for Free and Win $50

Birthday Bash slots is the free slots game that is today's slots game for free where you can win $50.It's one of the newer slots games at freeslot It's simple and easy just sign up and play.The three top scores get $50 ,$25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky players. And there are other slots games to play as well. No download needed to play these games just java flash which your computer should have.Birthday Bash is about a birthday celebration. Symbols include a Birthday Cake and Party Favors among other symbols.One cool feature is the ability to hold a reel while others spin. Birthday Bash slots machine

Birthday Bash Paytable

Birthday Bash slots machine
Play Birthday Bash at Freeslot

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slots For Free - Enchanted Gems at Freeslot - Play Enchanted Gems Slots Play for Free and Win $50

Enchanted Gems slots is the free slots game that is today's slots tournament where you can win $50. It's simple and easy just sign up and play.The three top scores get $50 ,$25 or $10. Freeslot has given away over $200,000 to lucky players. And there are other slots games to play as well.
No download needed to play these games just java flash which your computer should have. Enchanted Gems is about magical stones. There's a fairy on the screen and some spins will add a gem to your bank . When you get three , you start the bonus round and fairy will pick a symbol that will reveal a prize.
Play Enchanted Gems at Freeslot